A Great Way to Help our Healthcare Workers in Boston!

Thanks to everyone for reaching out and asking ways to support me and my fellow nurses at a major Boston hospital. Your kindness is amazing! Trying to brainstorm creative ways to keep spirits up and support for our nurses and staff. 


-Food (individually wrapped, like power or granola bars, snack bags, etc.). 

-Candy (individually wrapped)

-Cheerful notes (with hearts or pretty flower photos, etc.) and maybe our students would like to draw something!

-Self-care items (lotions, lip balm, etc.)

Hoping our Sudbury community can come together and collect these items and I will bring them to my staff of 180 people daily. Items can be left on my front porch — 51 Maiden Lane (right around the corner from Happy Hollow School… photo below) — and the bins will be out every day, so drop by as often as you wish! 

We will also go from there and try to support other cohort units and nurses that are floated to care for our patients. 

Any creative ideas welcome! Thanks so much for thinking of me and my nurses and staff! I’m really feeling the Sudbury community LOVE! 

Stay healthy and safe!

Joanne Burke, RN

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